Eaton Plug-On Neutral Loadcenters

Save 40% of your install time with new plug-on neutral loadcenters

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Redesigned with you in mind.

Eaton Plug-On Neutral Loadcenters

Eaton’s new plug-on neutral loadcenters were made to save you time and money.

You're pressed for time enough as it is. Why work harder than you have to? Eaton listened to contractors and retooled its line of plug-on neutrals to make short work of your installs.

These new loadcenters’ streamlined design makes for easier, faster installs without sacrificing safety or quality. Check out some of these time-saving new features:

  • Inboard neutral eliminates pigtails, increases gutter space
  • Easily removable 2/0 lug can be installed anywhere on neutral
  • Backed-out neutral screws for quick connections
  • Common drive types reduce number of tools needed
  • Self-leveling drywall tabs
  • Easier-to-remove knockouts in improved locations



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