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Our Columbus headquarters encompasses 264,000 sq. ft. of space housing a warehouse system designed to streamline order fulfillment and deliveries to customers all over North America. Local shipments are handled with our fleet of trucks to meet construction schedules while National Account shipments are sent via established methods to meet construction schedule as well.

The warehouse employs 60+ workers running 3 shifts and is outfitted with a Radio Frequency(RF) system. All incoming shipments are tracked, orders fullfilled, and outbound deliveries staged on the system that reduces errors and increases efficiency. In a typical year, our warehouse processes over 200,000 orders with an error rate of less than 1%. 

Delivery Truck RF Inventory Scanning

Delivery Truck Fleet 

Local deliveries are handled with our fleet of 15 trucks providing a flexible delivery schedule within approximately a 30 mile radius of our Columbus warehouse. We also service outlying locations with a dedicated truck that runs a weekly schedule. Please see the delivery map for more information. If you have an order that CANNOT be delivered using one of our trucks, that option will be disabled when you complete your order and standard shipping options will apply. You can always consult one of our online Sales Specialists or your account salesperson for special delivery circumstances.

Loeb Electric's bundle of project services reduces labor before, during and after installation. These services can reduce wasted labor hours on a job from approx. 40% to 15%.  

Direct To Stock (DTS) Services 

For large projects requiring storage of materials, Loeb Electric has approx. 2,000 Pallet Spaces for Customer Owned Material. This service is reserved for projects valued at $500,000 or more in inventory. With DTS, our clients are relieved of the cost and oversight of having their own warehouse area to house inventory of that size. We also offer Inventory Accountability which protects your inventory against damage, theft, shipping error, or other shrinkage. What you buy is what you will receive.

Other Large Project Services

  • Storage
  • Kitting
  • On-Demand Delivery
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Trucking Logistics – Advanced IPad Based Software with GPS Tracking